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Expert Review

This service can quickly highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a website or product. We can usually produce a report with detailed design recommendations within a week.

We have recently completed an expert review for the STUC, examining their new website which is currently in development.

Usability Evaluation

For this we build on the review process by examining specific tasks and the interactions involved in accomplishing them.

Our work for a manufacturer of speed camera detectors produced an interface design which overcame many usability problems.


Pennet - designers of beautiful websites based in Surrey

designers of beautiful websites


Pennet, designers of beautiful websites. We are passionate about designing good looking, usable and accessible websites. All our work conforms to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which came into force in 1999.

The DDA seems to have been largely ignored by many web designers. This could cause problems for companies owning sites which exclude people with disabilities. For example, if a booking form on a web page does not display properly because a user has altered the font size on their computer to meet their needs and the user is then unable to make the booking, the company owning the site could be sued under the DDA.

We'll show you how to spot the websites that don't conform to current standards.

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